How do negotiations work with AFA-CWA?


Negotiations start and end with you.

Negotiations are based on what you and your fellow Flight Attendants want.  Furthermore, with AFA, you know what is being proposed at the negotiating table. We negotiate for flexibility on Flight Attendants’ terms, not management’s. Flight Attendant peers from your airline will be trained to negotiate, and work with AFA’s professional negotiators to understand your issues and take your experience to the negotiating table. We conduct member surveys, take part in one-on-one discussions and work closely with your elected leaders to ensure negotiations reflect what you want in your contract.

Every member counts in AFA. For example, Flight Attendants on reserve need attention on their issues too. We understand this because every member and leader of AFA knows what it’s like to work as a Flight Attendant on reserve. AFA negotiates for all Flight Attendants – from reserve to retirement – and the priorities set by AFA members who define our work at the negotiating table.

In summary, contract negotiations consist of the following steps:

Election of a Flight Attendant Negotiating Committee comprised of Flight Attendants who work under your contract at your airline.

Assignment of an AFA professional negotiator who works as a part of the Negotiating Committee throughout the negotiations.

Comprehensive Contract Survey to collect feedback from all members at your airline and determine negotiating priorities.

Construction of an Opening Proposal to management based upon the priorities set by your membership.

Regular negotiating updates for members and engagement in the process to help build power at the negotiating table through our solidarity.

Ratification of any agreement is conducted by electronic balloting administered by a trusted third-party balloting agency, over the course of 3-4 weeks. Members are provided full language of the agreement and supporting explanations in order to cast informed votes.

AFA-CWA has a team of professional negotiators who do nothing but work directly with elected Flight Attendant leaders at each airline to negotiate contracts and letters of agreement that cover pay, benefits and working conditions for Flight Attendants. These professional negotiators have more experience with Flight Attendant contracts that any other negotiators in the industry.

Letters of Agreement (LOA) Negotiations.

Following ratification of your contract, there may sometimes be a need to address issues that arise between full contract negotiations. These negotiations can lead to a Letter of Agreement (LOA) or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with specific terms that address the unique issue. Your AFA professional negotiator assists with this process as well and we don’t simply agree to terms that benefit management – our negotiators fight for provisions that meet the needs of Flight Attendants. Once the issue is identified AFA members are notified and any agreement reached protects the interests of the Flight Attendants involved. Before an agreement can be reached, the terms would be reviewed and approved by the elected Flight Attendant leaders, at a minimum. If the issue is controversial and it is not clear which direction members would like to take, the leaders may also decide to send the LOA or MOU out for full membership ratification.

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA is a truly democratic union. When it comes to negotiations, this means that YOUR priorities will define what we try to achieve at the table. AFA contracts do not all look the same because they reflect the desires of the individual members at each airline.

With AFA, you have the power to make your own determinations about what’s valuable to you and your fellow Flight Attendants. And the entire process is transparent – so you remain involved throughout the negotiations.