The Strong Voice for Our Profession

The Strong Voice for Our Profession

For more nearly 70 years, AFA has represented Flight Attendants on the job, on Capitol Hill, before federal agencies and at the bargaining table. With AFA, you are guaranteed that your voice will be heard at every level of the union, and your interests will be represented with your employer and with government officials.

AFA engages its members in this advocacy process, bringing Flight Attendants to Washington to speak directly with their members of Congress. When it comes to our profession, Flight Attendants are the experts, and agencies and legislators seek out our opinion and our input.

AFA experts in the Government Affairs and Legal Departments also provide written and in-person testimony on issues important to us. As a result of our work together through our Flight Attendant union, we have achieved important improvements in our workplaces, and for our careers, benefiting every Flight Attendant, no matter what airline.

Important AFA-sponsored legislation and rulemaking have included:

• Duty day and crew rest protections
• Minimum staffing on aircraft
• No height, age or gender restrictions
• Women’s rights to purser positions
• Partner benefits
• Improved cabin safety, including floor-level exits and less flammability of aircraft
• Improved cabin air quality, including a ban on smoking
• Whistleblower protection
• Equal access to Family and Medical Leave
• OHSA for Flight Attendants
• No Knives on Planes
• Known Crewmember (KCM)

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